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SD1Fish Tamarine SauceCrispy fish fillet topped with three flavors sauce.$14.99
SD2Steamed Fish GingerSteamed fish with ginger and smothered with shreded black mushroom, pork and green onion.$14.99
SD3Fish Garlic Chili SauceFried fish fillet topped with garlic chili sacue and garnished with Thai basil and lime leaves.$14.99
SD4Steamed Fish Lime SauceSteam fish fillet with lime sauce garnish with diced shrimps.$14.99
SD5Fish with Cashew NutsFried fish fillet smothered with mixed vegetables (tomato, carrot, black mushroom) and cashew nuts.$15.99
SD6Shrimps Red Wine SauceMarinated jumbo shrimps fried and cooked in Chef's special sauce.$13.99
SD7Shrimps Red Curry SauceJumbo shrimps sauteed in red curry coconut milk and Thai Basil, lime leaves.$13.99
SD8Steamed Shrimps with HerbsJumbo shrimps stream with Thai herbs and served with fish chili garlic sauce.$13.99
SD9Shrimps with Prik PaoJumbo shrimps sauteed with onion, fresh pepper and prik pao sauce.$13.99
SD10Soft Shell Crab Yellow CurryFried marinated jumbo soft shell crabs smothered in onion, pepper, and yellow curry.$16.99
SD11Soft Shell Crab Thai Chili SauceFried marinated jumbo soft shell crabs smothered in fresh green onion, ginger, and house sauce.$16.99
SD12Soft Shell Crab PepperFried marinated jumbo soft shell crabs smothered in hot pepper and special housesauce.$16.99
SD13Scallops in Panang CurryScallops sauteed in Panaeng curry with coconut milk, peas and lime leaves.$17.99
SD14Scallops Prik Pao SauceScallops sauteed in prik pao sauce with onion, chili, green onion and prik pao sauce.$17.99
SD15Scallops Chu Chee CurryScallops sauteed in chu chee curry with coconut milk, basil and fresh pepper.$17.99
SD16Seafood Combo CurryCrab, mussels, scallops, shrimps and squid sauteed with curry basil and chili.$17.99
SD17Lemomgrass SeafoodCrab, mussels, scallops, shrimps and squid sauteed with onion lemon grass, lime leaves and tamarined sauce.$17.99
SD18Squid Prik PaoSquids sauteed with prik pao sauce onion and green onion.$10.99
SD19Squid PepperSquid sauteed with onion, pepper and green onion.$10.99
SD20Squid BasilSquid sauteed with pepper and fresh Thai basil.$10.99
SD21Mussels BasilNew Zealand mussels sauteed with Thai hot sauce and Thai basil.$12.99
SD22Mussels Panang CurryMussels smothered in red curry & coconut milk.$12.99