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PT1Chicken GingerGai Pad KhingChicken sauteed with onion, ginger, greeen onion & black mushroom.$10.99
PT2Chicken Peanut SaucePra Ram Long SongMarinated chicken topped with peanut sauce.$10.99
PT3Chicken BasilGai Ga PaoStirred fried chicken with bamboo shoots in Thai chili basil sauce.$10.99
PT4Chicken Cashew NutsGai MamoangChicken sauteed with onion, green onion, prik pao sauce & cashew nuts.$11.99
PT5Lotus DuckPed Num DangMarinated fried fillet duck smothered in chief special sauce, lotus seeds, black mushroom & water chestnuts. Garnished with crab meat.$14.99
PT6Duck Soy SaucePed Tao GeowFillet roasted duck in special soy sauce, onion & black mushroom.$14.99
PT7Crispy DuckPed KeobMarinated fried fillet duck topped with special sweet & spicy ginge garlic soy sauce.$14.99
PT8Gai WanChicken sauteed with mushroom, onion & special red sauce$10.99