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AP1Grilled Shrimp Lime Sauce (Pra Goong)Grilled shrimps mixed with Thai herbs, spices, onion, green onion & lemongrass in spicy lime sauce.$7.99
AP2Beef Lime Sauce (Yum Num Tock)Marinated & grilled beef tenderloin with Thai herbs, spices, vegetables in spicy lime sauce.$7.99
AP3Squid Lime Sauce (Yum Pla Moog)Squid mixed with lime sauce, onion, cilantro & lemongrass.$6.99
AP4Shrimp Satay (Goong Satae)Marinated & grilled shrimps in the skewed topped with house special peanut sauce. Comes with the side of cucumber sauce.$8.99
AP5Cheese Rolls (2)Mixture of cream cheese, crab meat & turkey ham in spring roll skin then fried. Served with sweet & sour sauce.$3.99
AP6Tofu SatayGrilled Marinated tofu served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.$5.99
AP7Fried TofuFried tofu served with sweet chili peanut sauce.$5.99
AP8Fresh Mint Spring Rolls (2) (Po Peah Nung)Fresh vegetables, vermicelli & shrimps wrapped in rice paper. Served with peanut sauce.$3.99
AP9Satay - pork, beef or chicken (5)Grilled Marinated pork, beef or chicken served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.$6.99
AP9Satay Combo (pork, beef, chicken & shrimp) (10)$12.99
AP10Grilled Catfish Lime Sauce (Larb Pra Duk)Grilled catfish in Thai spices.$7.99
AP11Fried Spring Rolls (2) (Po Peah Tod)Mixture of vegetables wrapped in Spring Roll Skin and deep fried.$2.99
AP12Fried Eggplants (Ma Khue Tod)Lightly battered then fried eggplants that served with sweet chili sacue.$6.99